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Residential Low-Energy House

Project 1. Concrete block wall with External Insulation

Floor area of 260m2 with externally insulated concrete walls, designed using Passive House PHPP software.Built in Galway. Compact P with 3KW (JVP3) geothermal heat pump connected to bore hole, heating the underfloor system on ground floor living and kitchen areas only, bathroom / Ensuite on the first floor only.
2013-09-27 13.34.582013-09-27 13.28.45
2013-09-27 13.28.34 Galway3

Project 2. Integrated Concrete  Form (ICF) construction.

Floor area 275m2 house in Co. Cork.
Compact P with 3KW (JVP3) geothermal heat pump and underfloor heating.

Grianne Lynch – I started building my house in 2011. My main concern was heating and insulation after the previous bad winter. I didn’t want to go down the gas and oil route as the prices of both just seemed to be going up and up. I met with Maurice to view the Nilan compact heat ventilation system. Heat recovery was very important to me as one of my children has asthma and this system is of great benefit to her health. I put in the above system with geo thermal source and underfloor heating. I find the system very comfortable to live with and supplies ample hot water for 2 adults and 5 children. The system basic daily use is user friendly. I got my electrician to fit a meter box to this system so I could monitor my cost, after 15 months of 24/7 underfloor heating (except in summer months) and hot water my cost ex vat was 704 euro!!! I’m trilled with this as our house is 3000 sqft. The back up Maurice provides is excellent and of great comfort.

Grainne Comment 17th Jan 2014 “ESB Meter Reading for 2years cost €954 exc VAT. I’m trilled…!” 

cork-2 cork-3

Project 3.  Integrated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

Floor area 380m2, in Co. Tipperary supplied by Thermohouse in Killarney.
Compact P with Geo6 geothermal heat pump and underfloor heating. Phone 26-04-2015 124


18th May 2015


It is only until now, after living in our ICF house for more than 2 years that I can really tell you (the facts) the huge benefits of this brilliant heating system. I spent ”allot of time” researching the different building and heating systems and I feel in the end it has really paid off. As an Engineer myself I wasn’t easily persuaded so I needed to find out the facts for myself… In the end I built a 380m2 (4090 square feet) ICF dormer house using the Thermohouse build (Killarney) and installed the Nilan Compact P with Geo6 geothermal heat pump and zoned underfloor heating system.

As I went the self-build route I did allot of the work myself even though this was totally new to me but I couldn’t have done this without the help of Maurice Falvey.

Once we moved into the house we didn’t know ourselves. As we kept telling everyone ”it’s like living in a Hotel.’’

The comfort of having the whole house (every corner) at the same temperature was new to both of us. Having comfort with constant hot water 24/7 (without thermal solar panels). We had intended in building two chimneys, one for a stove and one for a fireplace in the sitting room but we didn’t fit either because there was no need even with a modern open plan design. We can go around the house in our bear feet and in tee’s no matter what time of year.

When it comes to running costs, the system really performed the way I was told it would. The first year cost us less than €400 for heating and hot water. Our only bill was the ESB bill which was €1,221.66 in total including the heating and hot water so there was no running out of oil/gas, no drawing in firewood and cleaning out ashes from the fireplace.

Our 2nd year the ESB cost €1,330.34 which included €469.39 for heating and constant hot water (this was due to the new arrival and boiling the kettle constantly….!)

All in all I couldn’t be happier with the heating system and would definitely recommend it to anyone else doing a new build. It has created a warm, happy, and very healthy environment for me and our family. What more can you ask for.  🙂

Gary in Tipp

Project 4. Timber Frame by Dermot Bannon Architects

Floor Area of 290m2 timber frame home in North Co. Dublin built by Hollybrook Construction and designed by Dermot Bannon Architects.Installed Compact P with 6KW geothermal heat pump (Geo6) with zoned underfloor heating and additional hot water cylinder SHW250



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Project 5. Wide Cavity Wall Construction.

Link to feature; Passive House Plus feature on Magner Homes Passive House with Compact P

Floor area 275m2 with wide cavity wall by Magner Homes in Co. Cork.
Compact P with 2KW back up duct heater and wood pellet stove in living room with radiator in north facing side of building for heating support in winter.
2013-07-15 14.30.52
cork-a-2 cork-a-3

Project 6. Cavity Block Construction with insulated plasterboard.

Two homes with floor area 320m2 each with 150mm cavity, internally insulated plasterboard in Co. Galway. Floors: 0.19 W/m2K Walls: 0.15 W/m2K Roof: 0.16 W/m2K Rooflights: 0.81 W/m2K Windows (overall u-value): 1.0 W/m2K. Installed is Compact P with UVP5 (5KW Outdoor Air-to-Water heat pump) connected to zoned underfloor heating circuits and NiLAIR ducting system.
IMG_6919 IMG_6909

Project 7. Wide Cavity Block Construction.

Floor area 850m2, supplied by Ardfert Quarries in Kerry.
Comfort 1200 (1200m3/hr) mechanical ventilation with passive heat recovery with hot water duct heater on each room air supply and controlled by Siemens KNX control (installed by Energywise). System designed by Nilan Ireland.
IMG_4910 IMG_4833

Duct design IMG_4521

Project 8. SIP Panel Construction

Architect Donough McCrann of Healy Partners (Limerick) http://www.healypartners.com/ own home
Compact P with UVP5 and Construction from SIPS Panel system

IMG_4996 IMG_4908

IMG_4997 IMG_4999

2013-09-03 17.00.07 IMG_4466

Project 9. Wide Cavity Wall Construction.

Floor area 261m2 with wide cavity wall in Bohoona, Spiddle, Co. Galway.
Compact P interconnected with UVP5 (5KW outdoor Air-to-Water heat pump). A stove in living room with zoned underfloor heating for space heating support via UVP5 during the winter period where as Compact P provides balanced Ventilation, Air heating on demand (via Air-to-Air heat pump), passive heat recovery and produces domestic hot water from exhausted air on 24/7 basis. Air tightness by Roman Szypura http://www.clioma.ie/ and system installed by Donal Rabbitt of Western Energy http://www.wesenergy.ie/

  IMG_4799 IMG_4796

Project 10. Integrated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

Floor area 310m2, in Bandon, Co. Cork supplied by Thermohouse in Killarney. http://www.thermohouse.ie/
Compact P with Geo3 geothermal heat pump and underfloor heating
2013-10-09 13.05.31


Project 11. Cavity wall with Internal Insulation.

Floor area 280m2, 150mm Cavity Wall with 50mm Dry-lining and air tightness 2.8m3/hr/m2.
Compact P with Geo6 geothermal heat pump and SHW250 additional hot water capacity with underfloor heating.

IMG_4874 2013-07-09 16.58.37

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Project 12. Timber Frame House

Floor area 250m2, Timber Frame by Kingspan in Co. Limerick.  http://www.listonarchitecture.ie/index.html
Compact P with 3KW (JVP3) geothermal heat pump and underfloor heating. Warm air supply by heat recovery limiting need for underfloor heating. All hot water supply by heat recovery.
Limerick-2 Limerick-3

Project 13. Cavity wall with Internal Insulation.

Floor area 340m2, 150mm Cavity Wall with 50mm Dry-lining.
Compact P with Geo6 geothermal heat pump with underfloor heating.
Kerry-2 Kerry-3

Project 14. Concrete block wall with External Insulation and Passive Raft foundation.

Floor area 202m2, Externally Insulated Wall Construction in Macroom Co. Cork. Compact P with 2KW back up duct heater (no stove). Designed using Passive House software and build by home-owner.
macroom-cork-2 macroom-cork-3

Project 15. Integrated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

Floor area 250m2, in Co. Limerick supplied by Thermohouse in Killarney.
Compact P heat pump with 2KW back up duct heater and a solid fuel stove in living room.
Limerick2-1 Limerick-2-2

Project 16. Concrete block wall with External Insulation

Floor area 340m2, with 240mm external insulation and roof system by Thermohouse in Co. Kerry.
Compact P – Geo6 geothermal heat pump and underfloor with gas fire inset in living room.
Kerry-a-1 kerry-a-2 kerry-a-3

Project 17. Timber Frame Construction

230m2 floor area. Compact P + Geo3 ground source heat pump connected to underfloor heating on ground floor only. MBC Timber frame building http://www.mbctimberframe.ie/  Co. Killkenny

2013-10-07 15.11.47 013

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2013-10-07 14.58.04 005

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Project 18. Wide Cavity Wall Construction.

Low Energy Cottage, floor area of 92.5m2 completed in 2012 using traditional 250mm Block Cavity Construction, in Galway by Niall Dolan of GreenTec Eco Homes Ltd. Heating & Hot water for less than 5KWh/day or 80cent/day……!

150mm floor insulation on standard raft foundation, 250mm Pumped Cavity Wall Construction using Ancon Teplo Basalt non conducting wall ties, 600mm Cellulose Insulation Pumped in Attic, Intello Airtight Membrane with an expected air change result of 0.6 air changes per hour at 50pa, Triple Glazed Windows Nilan Compact P Air to Air Passive Heat Recovery System and wood burning stove. PHPP to be completed by Passive Developments.



Project 19. Timber Frame Construction

Robert White Architectural  Architectural Technology + Sustainability Consultancy
Compact P with Geo3, achieved Air tightness result 0.17ACH N50 PHPP

2013-10-07 12.28.06 2013-10-07 12.33.00

2013-10-07 12.37.27 2013-10-07 12.36.50




Project 20. Integrated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

Floor area 220m2, in Co. Cork supplied by Thermohouse in Killarney, built in 2011.
CTC Air-to-Water heat pump connected to standard radiators maintains +21degC and +50degC Hot Water 24/7 for average cost of €2.30/day.
image 3 IMG_0123